Easton Ghost X

Easton Ghost X:

The Easton Ghost X is a signature BBCOR bat to own. It is a bona fide offensive weapon that deploys Easton's new and trademarked Dynamic Feel System in an impressive way. This produces the best and most powerful bat you can possible image. A bat that also includes:
  • EXACT advanced carbon technology
  • Redesigned, patented CONNEXION 2-piece technology
  • an X-tended barrel
The EXACT carbon technology creates a light swing weight. The CONNEXION technology enhances feel and reduces vibrations in the handle. Lastly, the X-tended barrel delivers a long barrel that optimizes power thanks to a larger than average sweet spot. The Easton Ghost X  teaches young batters that in order to hit a ball far, mechanics must overcome diminished barrel velocity.
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Ghost X Bat Consistency Through Different Certifications:

The Easton Ghost X series lends the standard of excellence in the two-piece bat market. It does so with great pride in that it serves as further proof of Easton's unwavering dependability. They manufacture their products with you, the customer, in focus after all. So why look elsewhere when you know their bats are the type you will continually use as your weapon of choice at less and less length to weight ratios while you advance to higher levels? The USA certification uses the company line that they "offer wood-like performance." Much like the BBCOR Drop 3 bats, both the youth and adult Ghost X's will teach a batter how to handle a wood bat while not letting up in the sensation alloy bats offer either. It is the perfect transitioning tool that will make the graduation from metal to woods bats incredibly less overwhelming. Most importantly, Easton's Ghost X series teaches the up and coming batter the importance of mechanics.  After all, if your swing is not mechanically sound, a USA or BBCOR bat's diminished interior will remind you. So hone in on your form, zone in on the baseball, and your Ghost X will take care of the rest.