Easton Fastpitch Catchers Gear

Easton Fastpitch Catchers Gear

The Easton Fastpitch Catchers Gear's three essential components are: a M10 catchers helmet, an M10 chest protector, and M10 leg guards. Notably, the latter two major components consist of the same ZERO SOCK memory foam paramount throughout most of M10's top tier equipment. In the chest protector, the foam makes up the abdomen region. It reduces ball rebound and gives catchers better control while blocking. In the leg guards, this same foam also comprises the Inner Knee Protection (IKP). They guarantee the stability needed to remain in otherwise uncomfortable crouching position behind the dish. Additionally, these two are also built with asymmetric designs. [product_tag tags="easton-fastpitch-catchers-gear" orderby="popularity"]

Additional Features and Easton Dependability:

The M10 Catchers Helmet:
  • A streamlined profile for a snug fit
  • A rear cap with a smooth radius for a quick removal
  • An ABS Plastic Shell with strategic venting to keep catchers cool behind the plate
  • Hyperlite EPP Foam for excellent strength to weight properties
The M10 Chest Protector and Leg Guards: CP:
  • Multi layer perforation for  heat to quickly dissipate
  • Over the shoulder protection with 3 point adjustment
  • A removable groin protector
  • A TRUEBLOCK anti roll design for stability in and out of the blocking position
  • An adjustable knee pad for a custom fit
  • EXOS ventilation system to channel hot air out and cooler air in

Easton Dependability:

Easton is a company that abides by their mission to manufacturer nothing but the best for their customers. Anything less would be an admission of incompetence on their part. That is why when you purchase from Easton, you know you have lucked out. When most flock toward other companies because of the stigma attached to investing in the most popular and well known brand, it is the customers who remain loyal that benefit from Easton's equally unwavering commitment. So why look elsewhere? So declare your allegiance to Easton or join the family today. If you do, then you will see for yourself just how great products like the Easton Fastpitch Catchers Gear truly are!