Easton Chest Protector

Easton Chest Protector:

The Easton Chest Protector protects all aged backstops from repeated blasts to the chest. Obviously, no one wants to man the fort behind the dish with vulnerabilities. So invest in the high grade one Easton most definitely supplies. [product_tag tags="easton-chest-protector" orderby="popularity"]

Chest Protector Examples:

Easton Adult M7: 

  • Multi Layer Foams designed to protect and reduce ball rebounds
  • Strategically placed vents that help keep you cool at all times
  • Removable Velcro Shoulder Cap
  • Removable Groin Protector for Youth and Jr. Youth only
  • Jr. Youth only available in Black
This protector is extremely coveted, and also lasts for multiple years on end. Moreover, it satisfies any age group.

Easton Prowess Fastpitch: 

  • Specifically designed for the female athlete
  • New four point strap adjustment system that allows a player to better customize their gear to fit their body
This piece of performance plus protective equipment proves Easton is just not in the business of protecting male clients that play baseball. For every baseball protector with a reputable reputation, there are also countless fastpitch chest protectors receiving the same classification as well.

Easton Adult Natural: 

  • Lightweight, form fitting design that provides excellent coverage
  • Multi layer tech foams designed for protection and the reduction of ball rebounds
  • Strategically placed vents that yield weight reduction and cooling
  • Double back adjustment system
  • Single removable shoulder cap
  • Removable groin protector for Intermediate, Youth, and Jr. Youth sizes only
What a fine, unique looking piece of solid colored equipment. When most flock to the heavy hitters, it is the natural chest protector set that will make everyone's knees weak but yours. Easton Dependability:
Easton prides themselves on their standing as one of the most trustworthy brands out there. And why shouldn't they? In effect, their chest protectors confirm the validity of their own assertions. So much so that you can pool all your faith in a company that allows customers to freely select and purchase individual components from full equipment sets. Thus, if you are just in need of a chest protector and nothing else, Eason has got you covered. So why look elsewhere? Purchase yours today. If you do, then you can bring forth a pro bound future come tomorrow! If you suit up with an Easton Chest protector, then the rest will be history. They do not just believe it. They guarantee it.