Easton Catchers Helmet

Easton Catchers Helmet

An Easton Catchers Helmet is a great way to avoid all unnecessary injuries behind the plate. These helmets are extremely protective and comfortable at the same time. It is great when a company is able to provide these two things as they are both very desirable. Easton is a pure baseball company and has been around the game for a long time. They make their equipment from the best of materials and consistently produce some of the best gear. They have the trust of many consumers and their customers are always coming back when it is time for them to get more baseball equipment. The ability for a company to get players to come back is a great reflection of the quality of products they put out. Never the less, Easton has made no exceptions when it comes to their catchers helmets. They are high quality products, buy yours today! [product_tag tags="easton-catchers-helmet" orderby="popularity"]

Hockey Style

In today's game, most high school leagues down to the little league level require catchers must wear a hockey style mask. These masks offer a lot more protection then the traditional two-piece mask. The hockey style mask covers your entire head, including your ears and parts of your neck. One of Easton's best hockey style mask is the Mako II. To start, any product on the Mako series is going to be excellent as this is Easton's bread and butter series. But, this Easton Mako II helmet has many amazing features. For example, this helmet has a zero shock cage. The cage is structured in a way that allows not shock to your head to cause pain when you are hit by the ball or a bat. This helmet will keep you on the field and off the disabled list. In addition, this helmet utilizes ABS hard plastic. This plastic is extremely tough.


Even though it is rare to find leagues where these are illegal, Easton still makes a two-piece helmet. The cage part is the Speed Elite Traditional mask and is a great addition to anyone's game. To start, this mask is very durable and will last you a long time. They make the cage out of steel but structure it a way that it feels very light. the cage is also very tough. It will block out anything that comes your way and will block out the shock. So, it will feel light and be very protective. This is a great combination as you want to be comfortable but need to stay protected. So, you don't need to find a compromise and get both with the Easton Speed Traditional Mask.