Easton Bats

Easton Bats

Whether you are in little league or a professional player, you have heard about Easton Bats. They have become one of the best brands in baseball and there are reasons for this. Their bats have a major impact for their great name. Easton Bats have become the most popular among little league players and high school players. They have multiple series of bats that consistently year after year get better. Easton is awesome at revamping their models and adding new technology to improve on their already great bats. This can be seen with their Mako bats, S series bats, and Z-Core bats. Easton also, continues to produce excellent wood bats that are a choice of many. [product_tag tags="easton-bats"]


Easton's S-Series contains the S2, S200, S3. S300, S400, S50, and S500 models. Each model possesses its own great features that its design fits for a specific batter.  The S2's design is for quick bat speed, and features ConneXion technology to maximize energy transfer during a swing. The S200's design is 100% aluminum alloy and features a swing that may have a lot of control. Like others in the S-Series the S3 makes hitters get through the zone faster. The S300 is a youth bat that features designs for better control and speed. The S400 is made of Durable Aluminum Alloy and features a large sweet spot to crank the ball. Similar to the S300, the S50 is a youth bat that features a highly reactive hitting surface. Finally, the S500 features a 750 Aircraft Allot that is unique and extremely durable.


The Mako series is Easton's premiere series. So, you already know that this product is absolutely fantastic. First it comes from Easton, so it is already great quality, and it is its best series. The Mako series features the Mako Beast Hyperlite, the Mako Beast, and the Mako Beast XL. The Mako Beast features an extended speed barrel design, and a TCT Thermo Composite barrel that gives a great feel off the barrel. Also like the Mako Beast, the Mako Beast Hyperlite features the same great technologies. But, it is made to have a faster swing speed. The Mako Beast XL as well features the same overall design, but a longer barrel.


The Easton Z-Core Speed features Easton's newest technology that creates an excellent bat. Everything in the bat is to increase bat speed. It features a complete system to enhance a lower swing weight. It is home to a HMX barrel and a large sweet spot. Also, its Z-Core Internal Core technology helps harness excess energy and put it into the ball, resulting in more pop in a swing. Easton bats are at the top of food chain when it comes to bats. They dominate every category and this is thanks to all of the hard work Easton puts into its bats. After all, Easton is brand used during the Little League World Series, so it obviously must be great. If the best little league players around the world use Easton, you should too. Easton Bats undoubtedly are the best in the baseball market.