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Easton Alpha Baseball Glove

The easton alpha baseball glove is a result of yet another innovative genius from Easton sporting goods. And i'm not surprised, given Easton's track record of success for over a century! Easton has a legendary reputation of thinking outside the box, and the alpha baseball glove is a prime example of its hard work and dedication. By tackling one of the greatest obstacles known to baseball players, the alpha glove was born. By using a different type of leather in this glove severely minimizes the time needed to break in the mitt. And here is the reason why. [product_tag tags="easton-alpha-baseball-glove" orderby="popularity"]

The alpha baseball glove

It's about time that someone started getting innovated with the materials used in manufacturing baseball gloves. What makes the easton alpha baseball glove so special is that its made from buffalo hide! Yes i said buffalo, which in fat is more flexible than other leathers. This feature allows for a quicker break-in period, getting you and your new glove on the field asap. Also the tumbling process performed on the leather makes it comfortable and sweet to the touch. On top of the incredible foundation for the easton alpha baseball glove, it has some neat features. A glove should fit snug and protect your hand at all times. Surrounded by quality padding, the alpha baseball glove is one of the most comfortable around. The padding covers the palm area and fingers, crucial for those fast hits. It's not always easy getting the ball to the pocket on a fast play. So having the best palm padding makes it easier to field and keeps you healthy and in the game. To add, the closed webbing makes for a snug pocket for the ball to fall into. To conclude, the best gloves last a lifetime, the alpha glove will live on as one of the best gloves on the market. It'll make a great edition to any players entourage. So come to baseball bargains today for your own easton alpha baseball glove.
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