Demarini Wheeled Bag

Demarini Wheeled Bag

There are three models in the DeMarini Wheeled Bag catalog that come to mine when you think of top flight wheeled equipment storage. And these three happen to be the first three singled out with their own re-direct link when you complete a simple Google Search. These three are the Special Ops, the Grind, and of course, the Momentum. All three have inside valuable pockets and also a removable decoration panel that fits an 18'' hoop. [product_tag tags="demarini-wheeled-bag" orderby="popularity"]

The Special Ops Wheeled Bag:

DeMarini took the Ferrari of wheeled bags and made it available for the masses. In fact, it's long enough to fit 34" bats comfortably. Moreover, the addition of a large main side compartment allows for extra storage. This storer's delight has an armored bat compartment with four individual padded sleeves to accommodate four to seven bats, and also protective adjustable compartments for gear and a telescoping pull handle. Furthermore, its hard body back construction is perfect for the beating a bat bag expects to take on each season.
  • Removable neoprene straps
  • Breathable and washable shoe compartment
  • Fleece lined cell phone pocket
  • Colored inline wheels
  • Inside Valuables pockets
  • Perfect size for ball players at all levels from youth leagues to adult slowpitch
  • New metal zipper pulls

Grind Wheeled Bag:

The serious ballplayers knows the grind. Luckily, the aptly named Grind Wheeled Bag makes it more bearable. Bid farewell to the days of dreading the walk from the parking lot to the field. Like its counterparts, it can hold four bats, catcher's gear, and other gear comfortably. Moreover, its separated vented shoe compartment allows you to know have to walk on pavement or blacktop with oft skidding metals.
  • Wheel chassis 3" clearance
  • Massive no. 10 Zippers on main opening
  • Bottom Rails
  • 2 Integrated fence hooks
  • Great for catchers and players with lots of equipment
 Momentum Wheeled Bag:
Like its predecessors in this sample rundown, the all new DeMarini Momentum Wheeled Bag is also equipped with a bat compartment which can hold up to four bats in addition to a gear compartment for a helmet, glove and more. Its rugged wheels will get you from the parking lot to the dugout and then everywhere in between. The removable embroidery panel is for you to show off your team pride.
  • Interior Shelf to separate players glove or cleats from other gear
  • Massive no. 10 Zippers on main opening
  • 2 Integrated fence hooks
  • Smaller storage area, best suited for non catchers
Closing Thoughts:
As a reminder, these three above listed wheeled bags are just three examples of the many out there waiting to be purchase. Thus, you should not limit your search to these three. Find the one that best suits you and your needs, and then the rest will be history.