Demarini SF8

Demarini SF8 Series

The Demarini SF8 is a great choice. When choosing a bat there are many factors to considers. Some of these factors include the brand and the series of the bat. One great bat that comes from both a great brand and a great series is the Demarini SF8. Demarini is one of the best baseball and softball equipment manufacturers in the game, and their products are top of the line. With certifications from the USSSA, ASA, NSA, and ISA  you will not have to worry about using this bat being approved in the league you play in. This bat has a large sweet spot, but it is not too bulky. This allows for great bat speed along with great power. Anyone on the market for a slowpitch bat should consider the SF8. This bat is available right here on the Baseball Bargains website as well. So, anybody looking to take there game to the next level should purchase this bat as soon as possible.