Demarini CF Series

Demarini CF Series

DeMarini CF bats features a variety of models for players of all ages in baseball. These demarini bats also come in multiple designs and pattern options that will help you elevate your game in different ways. Balanced bats distribute the weight evenly, which allows for a lighter feel while not sacrificing the size of the barrel. End-loaded bats give batters power with a massive barrel that holds all the weight to send balls flying. The CF Series has been the premier series on the market since the CF5. The Demarini CF8 took the industry by storm, and they are still going strong with the new Demarini CF Zen.

Demarini Fastpitch Bats - Demarini Baseball Bats

It is rare that a series of bats is considered the best in both the sports of baseball and softball.  But that is the case with this series.  The CF9 was 2017's most popular fastpitch softball bat and the BBCOR CF Zen dominated the baseball bat market. The Demarini Big Barrel bats version of the CF series are available in multiple weight drops and two different barrel diameters. So you have multiple choices such as the  Demarini CF Zen drop 5 and the CF Zen drop 10. The Demarini CF Zen 2 3 4  barrel was extremely popular as well. However, the cream of the drop is the Demarini CF Zen drop 3 bat. This Demarini CF Zen BBCOR bats are tops in the industry. The Demarini CF models have been one of the most popular bats since the production of the Demarini CF8 bats several years ago.

Demarini Zen Bat - Drop 5 and Drop 10 - The Best of the Demarini Big Barrel Bats

The CF series bats use a composite barrel that is super strong and flexible for more control at the plate. The handles of the bats make for a more sturdy swing, giving more support and creating a larger sweet spot. DeMarini uses only the finest materials and designs available to bring players the best bats possible. Batters will become beasts when swinging at the plate with the the latest of this fantastic series of bats, Demarini Zen.  If you can handle the Demarini CF Zen Drop 5 bat, then you will be driving the ball a  long way. The Demarini Zen Drop 5 will be your last step before you need to step up to the CF Zen BBCOR. And, Baseball Bargains has them all. There is even a Demarini tee ball bat in the CF series. So, you can start your youngster off on the right path with a CF series bat.