Cheap Softball Helmets With Face Mask

Cheap Softball Helmets With Face Mask

When on the Softball field your first priority always has to be safety. Not being safe on the field can lead to serious injury and can leave you off the field for some time. Some injuries and simply having to take some time off are inevitable at some point during your baseball career. However, there are many precautions you can take to significantly lower your risk of injury. The easiest precaution to take is wearing a helmet with a face mask. Injuries to the head tend to be the most dangerous and avoiding them should be a top priority. Although it is easy to tell you to purchase all this safety equipment, we know that buying it can have a negative impact on your wallet. Here is how to select a helmet and some cheap softball helmets with face mask. [product_tag tags="cheap-softball-helmets-with-face-mask" orderby="popularity"]


Selecting the right size when purchasing a helmet is absolutely vital. This is because the wrong size can leave you at great risk of injury. Size varies on the person, but there are some things to look for to ensure that the helmet is the right size. One is to make sure the helmet does not move on your head. A snug fit is the way to go as, it will absorb the force of the baseball easier. Also, make sure that the helmet does not hinder your vision. A helmet that blocks some of your vision can severely hurt your performance.


Price is also a hug factor when buying cheap softball helmets with face mask. Although protection does come first, it is important to the buyer that the helmet does not break the bank. When searching for a helmet make sure to buy one that has great protection, but also comes at a fantastic price.

Great Helmets: 

Demarini Protege WTD5424 Two Tone Batting Helmet With Mask: This helmet is price at $28.95. Using dual-density foam padding this helmet will give you an ample amount of protection.

Rawlings Coolflo Molded Batting Helmet w/ Softball Mask: This helmets sports a price tag of $29.79. This helmet has a  COOLFLO design which is great for keeping you cool in the hot Summer months.

Easton Z5 Solid Junior Batting Helmet with Mask A168084: Priced at $31.95. With a Bio-Dri Liner this helmet is also ideal for Summer baseball.

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