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Catching Equipment

No matter what kind of player you are having style is on your mind. Especially for catching equipment, styles may vary drastically. So, figure out what exactly it is that you like and purchase that equipment. Everyone has a different style, so companies create different styles to fit everyone's style. With catching equipment each company is home to their very own style that players either love or hate. Each varies slightly and creates great competition out on the market. With everything in life, the variety of style shows the great benefits of capitalism. Regardless of who you are, variety brings competition which is the best for the consumer. So, what exactly are the different styles regarding catching equipment. The differences can be very obvious or might be subtle. For exaple most if not all companies offer traditional style masks or hockey style masks. The line between these two styles is thick. Many people heavily favor one over the other. Hockey style masks cover the entire face and ears protecting more of the player's head. But, this may obstruct view and may not be as comfortable for some. So, these players opt for the traditional mask which only protects the face. Players may prefer this option because it is much less material and is thus cooler. So, on the hottest days of the summer these players will be fine. [product_tag tags="catching-equipment" orderby="popularity"]

Brand Preference

So, for everyone, there is a specific style that suits them perfectly. This changes from person to person and creates different brand preferences. For example some love the iconic Mizuno Samurai design, but others cannot stand it. This is because the facemask is different than most. Some enjoy how the forehead is extra large. But, some do not like this feature. Some enjoy Easton's extra pad for the thigh and like how the leg guards rise higher than other equipment. Some catchers feel this immobilizes them and they are not as quick. But, the overall solution to the style of catching equipment lies in the consumer's hands. Everyone enjoys the fact that they can have whatever brand they want and enjoy that there is a market. This is the ultimate situation as there is no limit on what exactly you have to buy. Players can mix and match brands to make up their own full catcher's set. So, figure out what is the style for you and go with it.
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