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Catchers Training Mitt

The Catchers Training Mitt maximizes each skill a catcher must possess behind the backstop. You can't tap into your fullest potential as a catcher without first understanding the fundamentals of every action you take. If you let the webbing do most of the work for you, you will never understand the nature and science behind your catchers glove. But once you start to train with a training mitt that catches balls in the pocket rather than the web, you will begin to learn and appreciate the process. As a result, transfer speeds can only climb higher than it ever has before. Trainers specialize in framing, transferring, and popup drills. They are designed to establish a fast break-in and ever stiff use. The result being a fierce, high quality, premium oil-softened leather that does not let up. It might be hard, but offers the utmost comfort too. [product_tag tags="catchers-training-mitt" orderby="popularity"]

Additional Training Benefits:

  • quick transfer speeds
  • enhances blocking
  • perfect for general receiving
  • Balls which hit the pocket drop straight to the floor while balls missed rebound away
Whether you're indoor or out on the field, the Catchers Training Mitt covers many fronts. It helps you get low and watch the ball trickle out in front of you like it should after blocking. And you have control over the direction the ball is to head in after it hits your training mitt's iron clad pocket. You can also sport it during a light toss and practice your throws to second or third to shoot down would be base stealers. This can be accomplished by catching it in the unbroken-in pocket of the glove, then quickly pinning it tightly held to the glove with your throwing hand, before completing the transfer. The more you repeat this activity, the better your transfers and coordination will become. So purchase tour Catchers Training Mitt today and you will have an immaculate caught stealing percentage in the near future!
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