Catchers Mask Visor

Catchers Mask Visor

A Catchers Mask Visor can be a catchers best friend when it is a day game. When it comes to protection, your gear should have that covered. But, your gear what stand much of a chance if you can't see the ball. So, you might think it would be smart to just put sunglasses on. But, that can be very uncomfortable and dig into your head while in the mask. A Catchers mask visor  is your solution. These help protect your eyes from the sun while behind the plate. This visor is located at the top of the mask ,on either a hockey style or the classic two piece mask. This is a great feature for all masks. Also, it won't effect you during night games. The shades aren't directly in front of your eyes, so you won't have night blindness from the extra shades.

Two Piece Catchers Mask

All Star makes some great two piece catchers helmets with a visor. Like previously mentioned, the catchers mask visor protects form the glare of the sun in day games, and won't blind you during night games. The two piece catchers mask is the classic style of catching. It is seen much more on the college and professional level, as many youth leagues ban it. Check your leagues rules to find out if it is acceptable. Most high school leagues allow it, but check to make sure. The two piece mask is a easy way to have a full range view of what is going on the field. But, you pass up some protection in order to do so. That is why it is illegal in most youth leagues.

Hockey Style Catchers Visor

The hockey style mask is the emerging leader in catching masks. With a catchers visor, this helmet will be the best move for all your catching needs. You have almost full vision behind the plate, and your whole head is covered. This style of helmet has taken over youth leagues because it is the only option. I am a personnel fan of the hockey style mask with the visor. You can avoid the glare and get the full fell for the field. The mask is optimize for protection and you get it. Opposite of the two piece, you can get your ears covered, and some of your neck. This is a great choice for all youth catchers. And, adding a catchers visor helps reduce the glare of the sun.