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Catchers Leg Guards

Catchers Leg Guards

Catchers Leg Guards are an essential piece of protective equipment that rounds out every set of catchers gear. Usually, they come included in a set, but that does not mean you can't buy leg guards separately. When choosing individual leg guards, think of some major factors when deciding: padding quality, cushioning, foot-to-ankle-to-toe protection, etcetera. And thanks to advanced design and technology, leg guards now feature stronger plastics and energy absorbing padding. This way, the leg guards can take on more abuse. Additionally, each manufacturer of premiere catchers leg guards include more support in the knee area. Therefore, the padding prevents the hard impact of each and every ball thrown in the dirt or foul tipped. [product_tag tags="catchers-leg-guards" orderby="popularity"]

Additional Leg Guard Features:

Leg guards that feature adjustment with strap assistance are the ideal selection. So make sure before you suit up for gameplay, it is adjusted to the correct amount of comfort that best suits you when in the squatting position behind the dish. And if you wear pants down to the bottom of the cleat, this lends catcher more time adjust the weight and feel of the guards intermittently throughout the game. Don't rush the process when fitting leg guards. Injuries to the legs come in many forms. The most important thing is allowing yourself to sustain injuries, but not overkill. For the accumulation of repeated, small blows could ultimately lead to significant bone bruising, and even fracture. Obviously, a catcher would probably not be able to take his position without leg guards. But still, even in practice and in bullpen warm-ups, it's better to be safe than sorry. A kneecap may crack when a ball directly hits your knee, and then where will you be? Down on your luck, pondering "what ifs?" when you could be thinking of "what could be's?"
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