Catchers Equipment Youth

Catchers Equipment Youth

Catchers equipment youth players use has two important objectives. First, it needs to offer safe protection for the catcher. Second, it must fit securely so that the player can do their job. Here are some examples of excellent options for catchers equipment youth players should consider. [product_tag tags="catchers-equipment-youth" orderby="popularity"]

Catchers Helmet

Standard catcher masks and skull caps are no longer legal in youth leagues. Younger catchers must wear the full hockey style helmet. When rating helmets you need to consider protection first and foremost, then visibility and comfort. The Easton M5 QwikFitâ„¢ blends quality with affordability to meet these goals. The QwikFitâ„¢ design was developed because young catchers always seemed to have trouble adjusting their catcher helmet. Now the catcher can use the simple click and pull mechanism to assure the helmet is securely in position. This helps the catcher feel more comfortable behind the plate. A loose-fitting catcher helmet not only risks the player's safety, but also inhibits their ability. The Easton youth design corrected that problem. It adds dual-density padding inside a hard shell helmet for the ultimate helmet. The M5 is finished with a hard steel facemask with an open face design so the catcher can see.

Catcher's Chest Protector

Using the same idea behind the helmet, Easton also saw young catchers having problems safely clipping on their chest protector. Employing a similar quick connect idea, the Easton M5â„¢ chest protector adds a simple, quick clip and an adjustable strap. Easton added a plate inside the dual-foam padding to add additional protection around the collarbone and in the throat area. Since the chest protector part of catchers equipment youth players wear needs to fit securely, the over-the-shoulder quick adjustment is one of the most popular features for the smallest catchers.

Catchers Shin Guards

The lower leg on a catcher can take a beating. It is important that the shin guards remain securely in place, and have a hard shell backed with firm padding to deflect the impact. To accomplish this, the guard needs to have a good strap set up, in addition to full leg protection. Easton carried their unique QwikFitâ„¢ strap system right down to the shin guards. It lets the young catcher click the guard in place, and then adjust them at any point during the game with a quick tightening of the strap. This assures that the shin guard stays where it belongs. The Catchers equipment youth catchers wear must provide secure protection. Only by using gear that fits and stays in place, can a young catcher learn how to play the position correctly. While there are other worthy brands of gear available, the Easton QwikFitâ„¢ catchers equipment for youth players has developed a unique system that allows kids to catch with confidence.