Best Baseball Gloves

Best Baseball Gloves:

The argument for which baseball glove truly reigns supreme as the best longs for an answer. A simple google search will headline with five particular glove models. In no particular oder, these five on the surface would appear to vie competitively for the top slot. But the candidates are not limited to these five. [product_tag tags="best-baseball-gloves" orderby="popularity"]

Google's Top 5:

A simple google search will show that the Google search engine generates five headlining gloves for the term 'best baseball gloves':
  • Men's Dustin Pedroia Wilson A2000 11.5'' Infield Glove
  • Nokona S200 Alpha Select 11.25'' Infield / Outfield Glove
  • Rawlings Pro Preferred 11.25 Infield Glove
  • Wilson A2000 D33 Pitcher Baseball Glove 11.75''
  • Shoeless Joe Professional Series 11.25''.
What do these five gloves do together? They hit most of the positions, but crucially leave out the first base and catcher's models. Moreover, the list could easily be narrowed down to two off the bat, with the Dustin Pedroia A2000 favorite and the Rawlings Pro Pro Preferred.

Additional Analysis:

Still, to have a model like the Shoeless Joe represented means the marketers do not discriminate. It preaches the important message that just because series' like the Wilson A2K or Wilson A2000 are the most prevalent and popular does not make them the end all to be all in glove-wear. A Shoeless Joe could contend for the best glove classification because at the end of the day, it's the glove's uniqueness that will win a player over. It will remind a player to focus on their mechanics and hone in on their intangible feel for the game. This could help make up for the glove's old school, overly soft composition. Additionally, the Wilson A2000 D33 goes to show that two-way players don't have to wield their infielder glove when taking the mound. The market for pitcher specific gloves is vast and wide. And an A2000 D33 reminds a pitcher that they can still sport their model preference without compromise. When you take a look at lists that compile the best gloves all together, remember that for every "top 5 ranking" you come across, there are several other gloves that are as, if not more deserving.