Beast Speed

Beast Speed

The Easton Beast Speed is the newest bat on the market that is making the most noise. The Easton Beast Speed is a BBCOR baseball bat that utilizes a new innovative design that allows you to get the most out of your bat every time you step up to the plate. On top of the design it uses, the barrel takes up most of the area of the bat. The barrel is extremely long and has a huge sweet-spot. This is great news for all hitters. The bat also has a balanced feel when swinging. It doesn't feel top heavy which is a great feature to have. When a bat feels balanced, your hands won't drop as much when you swing and your and will move through the zone faster as well. Overall, this bat is a great product for all players.

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Easton Beast Speed Bat Sweet-Spot

The Easton Beast Speed bat is one of the most innovative bats the baseball world has ever seen. The bats barrel is so long that the sweet-spot is massive. A bigger sweet-spot means better hits or harder hit balls. When you are hitting the ball hard, good things usually happen. With this bat, you don't have to be as precise with the barrel of the bat and you can still put the ball into play in a hurry. The bat also uses a new design that makes it very balanced when you are swinging. This is great for kids who struggle to get the barrel through the strike zone. A bat that is very balanced can go a long way. The pop off this bat is great as well. You can tell when a bat has pop and what it can bring. This bat is built and structured very well and allows the ball to jump off the bat. The Beast Speed bat will give you confidence every time you step to the plate. You will know in the back of your head you just have to get your hands through the zone and the bat will lead you the rest of the way. It will give you the results you are looking for. The Beast Speed lives up to its name, it is an absolute beast.

Easton Speed Value

There is no problem with the price. Obviously, this bat is intended for the serious player. Easton designs this bat for somebody who really wants to elevate their game and make it to the next level. This bat will last you a long time and will help you at the plate. If you are a young player, you can get a bunch of years out of this bat and it will be a great bat that whole time. The Beast Speed is amazing and is definitely worth the price.