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BBCOR Bat Certification

BBCOR Bat Certification

When purchasing a bat it is essential to know what certification it has. There are many different certifications out there and the most common of them is BBCOR. The Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution is a widespread system to measure the power of the bat. More specifically this certification measures the trampoline effect of the bat. Older metal bats had a lot more give to them and would shoot the ball out with an incredible amount of energy. While these bats are very similar to wood bats, not a lot of flexibility upon impact. The goal of these bats is to create a safer game. Having bats with less flexibility, helps reduce injuries in the game of baseball tremendously. The BBCOR certification is a milestone in the game of baseball. Right now BBCOR rules the game and it will most likely stay that way for a while. Purchasing one of these bats is a very safe bet as they are approved for almost every league.
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