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Batting Nets

Purchase one of the latest batting nets to corral the balls. There are a couple of models available. You can get one basic safety net to simply hang behind you for foul balls. Or, you could get a 3/4 collection net set up behind you and on either side. The most popular versions are batting cages because they completely enclose you and the pitcher inside. Baseball players need plenty of practice to perfect their swing. This does not happen by accident. So, with batting nets, you can get some practice in on your spare time. You might have a friend pitch or simply set up a pitching machine. You can change speeds for a little variety. The most basic batting net will simply be behind the batter. This might be used in a stadium where you notice a lot of foul balls are flying. Hence, this type of net is primarily for spectator safety. The next group of batting nets are used to create a 3/4 enclosure around you during hitting practice. Unlike the single net, this allows for protection against foul balls to either side. This also might be more useful for collecting the balls after the session is over. Although, you might want to hit every pitch, some will get behind the hitter. Save time with batter's nets. Another type of batting net is to gauge your hit velocity - speed and direction. These nets might even have a target for you to aim your shots. There might be sensors on these nets to give you instant feedback. These are also very popular with golfers. [product_tag tags="batting-nets"]

Batting Cages

The more elaborate batting nets are batting cages. These are complete enclosures. The simple version will have a slot for the pitches to go through. The batter will strike the ball and it will remain within the batting enclosure. However, the more advanced batting nets will allow for the pitcher or pitching machine to be within the enclosure too. These will usually have a small net or screen in front of the pitcher to protect against comebackers. These baseball nets are also usually temporary with snap hooks for installation or removal. Improve your game with some regular batting practice and safety nets.
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