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Bat Weight Sleeve

A lightweight yet durable bat weight sleeve can be the ideal training aid that will teach you to steady the bat and connect with the ball each time. A powerful swing is only half of the equation when you want to connect with the ball at bat. Without the element of control, your swing will be off center and out of the strike zone. When you want to maintain both speed and control each time at home plate, you can train your swing by utilizing a bat weight sleeve. What qualities should you look for in a high-quality bat weight sleeve? You ideally want one that is made from a lightweight yet sturdy material. The material should provide the right amount of balance, allowing you to control the swing of the bat. It should also expand to fit bats with wider diameter barrels. [product_tag tags="bat-weight-sleeve"] A  bat weight sleeve additionally should also have an aerodynamic design that will let you follow through with the swing. Foam sleeves drag against the air and slow down the bat. They also do not provide the weight or balance you need to learn to control and develop your swing.

Everyone Needs a Bat Weight Sleeve

Even so, you may wonder if you really need to use a weight sleeve. After all, you may be a skilled player who has spent seasons out on the diamond. Bat weight sleeves are not just for novices, however. While newcomers to the game definitely can benefit by using sleeves to learn proper swing technique, skilled players also can increase both their strength and effectiveness at bat by practicing with sleeves. Whether you use it during practice games or while warming up on deck, you may find that your bat weight sleeve will be one of your best training resources as a baseball player. You can also find bat weight sleeves on our website. We carry models from your favorite brands like Rawlings, Varo and Marucci.
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