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Bat Packs

Bat Packs

If you play baseball regularly, then you may know the frustration that comes with trying to carry all your gear without a bag. You can try to stuff your bats under one arm while trying to hold your uniform in the other hand. Meanwhile, you may even be tempted to grab the shoestrings on your cleats with your teeth to carry them. Alternatively, you can simply use a bat pack allowing you to stay organized and get to the game with all the supplies that you need. While you are shopping for baseball bat packs, keeping some factors in mind will help you determine the best pack for your needs. [product_tag tags="bat-packs"]

Bat Holding Capacity

Most bat packs carry two bats. One on each side of the bag. Once inserted, they stick up in the air similar to an antenna. When shopping for backpacks, it is important to make sure that the bag is equipped to hold the size of bat that you have and that it will hold it tightly. You will find bags that carry four bats by putting two in each pocket on the side of the bag. There are also bat packs that carry four bats in individual pockets. It is essential to check that these pockets usea material like ripstop nylon or mesh that will not tear easily.

Carrying Methods

As the name suggests, bat packs are to be worn on the back just like a school backpack. Therefore, the pack should have wide padded straps that will not cut into your shoulders when the pack is full. Some packs come with a top handle designed to make holding the bag in tight spaces easier. A few packs even come with wheels,. This can be a great feature if you have to carry your equipment quite a distance. Another great feature on some bat packs is a fence hook allowing you to hang the pack. This way it can hang from the dugout fence instead of throwing it on the ground during a game.


Your bat pack should have a large center pocket that is large enough to hold your baseball helmet. It should also have interior pockets designed to hold your valuables during a game along with exterior pockets designed to hold your sunglasses and water bottle. A nice feature on some bat packs is that they have a special compartment for your cleats. This allows you to carry them away from your other stuff when they are muddy. You will find lots of choices in bat pack colors on the market. Find the design that is right for you. Make sure that your bats will fit properly in the bag that you choose. Look for one with wide straps allowing you to carry it easily along with one with lots of pockets helping you to stay organized.
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