Baseball Sunglasses

Baseball Sunglasses

Its usually one of those things that you don’t notice until it costs you a game: baseball Sunglasses (or lack thereof) . On bright, summer days it is not unusual to see the majority of players outfitted with baseball sunglasses. Both at the plate and more importantly, in the field. It is also not unusual to see players lose a ball in the sun. Squinting hopelessly skyward until the ball falls harmlessly onto the outfield grass. All while sunglasses sit unused on the bridge of his cap. It is an ironic scene that is almost a weekly occurrence even on the big league stage. And, one that you can avoid completely by choosing the right sunglasses for the individual player. [product_tag tags="baseball-sunglasses"]

UV Protection

The right sunglasses are ones that can be comfortably worn without unwanted pressure on the head or face. While also providing optimal sight lines. Of course, the most important purpose of athletic sunglasses is blocking out potentially harmful UV and UVB rays. They often hinder defensive play and can cause harmful effects on the eyes. When looking for the sunglasses for the baseball diamond you should look for those that come with guaranteed UV protection. Also, ones that are polarized to better scatter the sun’s rays away from the eyes. This is key because it creates a protective layer over the lenses that reflect light away from the eyes.

The Easton Sunglasses

Some of the cheaper and less effective sun glass models for baseball and softball magnify like regular glasses which can hinder depth perception. Depth perception may very well be the most important tool a player has at his or her disposal while judging fast moving balls off the bat or from a teammates hand. Sunglasses should be one of those pieces of equipment that you don’t even notice you’re using. Comfort is key and the ability to continuously wear the glasses helps players avoid those embarrassing moments when they are without those glasses. Look for glasses that have additional padding around the bridge of the nose and widened lenses to offer complete coverage over the eyes. The right sunglasses are a key piece of protective gear for a successful ballplayer. Be sure to check out our selection of Easton sunglasses