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Baseball Pants

Baseball pants can be one of the trickier aspects of a player’s uniform. They are usually on the receiving end of constant abuse as a result of extensive, hard-nosed play. Because of this consistent pounding, it is important for players to look for pants that are made from long-lasting materials. You wan them to be both durable and comfortable so as to encourage confident, consistent play. Many of the modern baseball pants designs come equipped with specially treated fibers. This makes it easier to clean and maintain the pants while allowing them to hold up to consistent washing. There are two types of fit that are traditionally found on baseball pants. Also, can be a telling factor in determining the quality of the design. The most common design found in amateur baseball pants is a an elastic fit. The elastic fit features a tight, elastic band in the base cuff of the pant legs. This helps secure the pants to the body more securely and keep them from riding up. This fit is most common in youth or intermediate pants as they allow for players to grow into them. The elastic fit is slowly being taken over by the more fashionable and more comfortable, relaxed fit. It is worn by players at the elite, college, and professional ranks. Instead of an elastic band, it simply flows over the top of the foot and rests comfortably over the shoe.. [product_tag tags="baseball-pants" orderby="popularity"]


When it comes to the construction, it is critical that pants be chosen based on their ability to hold up over multiple seasons. It is a wise move to chose pants made from polyester or a polyester blend. It is the material most adept at meeting the needs of serious ballplayers. Most elite-quality pants are made from 100% polyester but there are some blends that feature cotton or other softer fibers. They might slightly increase the weight of the pants but offer a slightly gentler feel. Always take into consideration the weight of the pants as it can affect the mobility and flexibility players have on the field. Proper baseball pants will always have a belt loop system in place that allows for the use of an athletic belt required by most leagues and is an essential piece of equipment as you move up into high school and college play. Baseball pants should also have at least one back pocket that allows for the secure storage of batting gloves or other offensive accessories. Most professional-style pants come with two sewn-in pockets but it is not uncommon to find high-quality pants with a single rear pocket. The waistband should not only have a belt loop system but should also be a sturdy design that will hold securely to the hips and prevent sagging during running or hitting. Parents and players should look for Pro-Rib waistbands that are thick-cut and come with pro-rib grip that will hold the pants confidently to the hip.
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