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Baseball Bats Wood

Baseball bats wood models are tradition. Major League Baseball has tried to combine its traditional history with the usage of the best equipment to make for an exciting viewing experience. While aluminum bats are allowed in softball and lower levels of play, Major League Baseball (MLB) has kept the baseball bats wood as the official standard. This assures that every hit is not a home run,. This seems to happen too often in some slow pitch softball games. You can choose from a multitude of types of wood. Some of  baseball bats wood options include maple, ash, and birch. The Louisville Slugger is the preference of the top MLB players. They have been making wood bats for over a century. Therefore, the power hitters aiming for the fences are more likely to choose a turning model with a thicker barrel. One drawback is that these larger barrel Louisville Slugger baseball bats are going to be a bit heavier. Therefore, it will be more difficult to turn on a pitch. Your bat speed will diminish with a larger barrel maple bat. However, if you choose a baseball bat wood option such as ash, you will get a bat with a lighter swing weight. [product_tag tags="baseball-bats-wood"]

Wooden Bats

Wooden baseball bats deliver a solid crack when you make good contact. This is different than the ping you might hear from an aluminum bat. Wood bats give the defenders a chance to make a real play on the ball. Unfortunately, with the metal bats, even a small baseball player can achieve so much power. This is particularly dangerous for the pitcher. So, a hitter using any of the baseball bats wood options will have to make contact with the sweet spot to achieve maximum power. If you love traditional baseball, then wooden baseball bats will deliver the best punch. These are more affordable than other models. Baseball is a game of tradition and wood bats continue this history. It allows for modern records to properly compare to the old-time records. For a game that has lasted more than a century, baseball's wooden bats are the tools of choice of the "Boys of Summer."
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