Baseball Bat Weight

Baseball Bat Weight

A Baseball Bat Weight can be a very helpful tool to any player in the on-deck circle. If you struggle catching up to the pitchers fastball, a bat weight helps you speed up your swing. The extra weight allows for your muscles to get get prepared to swing a heavy bat. But, once you take it off, you're swing feels like nothing as the bat feels very light. This allows for hitters to have the fastest swing time possible, and hit all types of fastballs. Almost all players in the majors can be seen using a bat weight to prepare themselves for their plate appearance. So, if professionals use them, why shouldn't you? Obviously it helps them as most are great hitters. So this tool, a baseball bat weight, can help you become an elite hitter as well. All players should use a baseball bat weight to prepare. [product_tag tags="baseball-bat-weight"]

Baseball Doughnut

There are many different types of baseball bat weights. To start, the doughnut. People call this a doughnut because it resembles the shape and look of one. These weights fit directly over your barrel and you are able to get all the weight at the top of the barrel.. This is the most effective way to put the extra weight on because it is far away from your hands. With the weight close to your hands, it doesn't feel like a lot of weight added as your able to have the best leverage. So, with the weight on the barrel and not on your hands, you get a heavy swing. As previously mentioned, this leads to muscle memory of the extra weight, and you feel like your swinging air once you get to the plate. Easton produces a lot of doughnut weights and they have different weights as well.

Bat Sleeve or Varo Bat Weight Sleeve

The other type of weight is a bat weight sleeve that fits over the barrel. The sleeve is effective as it spreads the weight out more so more muscles get used to the added weight. With more muscles in effect, it causes lighter felling swings and an overall faster swing time. Varo produces a lot of sleeves and produce sleeves of different weights and styles. All of the Varo bat weight sleeve models fit over the barrel. They make Varo bat weight sleeves for BBCOR, big barrel, and 2 1/4 barrels that youth players use. This tool is a great way to get the full experience from a baseball bat weight. Once you feel the difference in your swing, you never want to go back. The sleeve will revolutionize your game.