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Baseball and Softball Gloves and Mitts

When looking through all of our baseball and softball gloves and mitts, you have to take a few different variables into account. Using the wrong glove can have a negative effect on performance. It can make catching the ball a chore rather than a joy. In the following guide we will examine some of the ways one can ensure that the baseball and softball gloves and mitts you choose are right for you. The first step is to figure out on which hand the glove or mitt will be worn. Someone who throws with their right hand is a "righty" and they would need a left hand glove. Consequently a left handed thrower or "lefty" will need a right handed glove or mitt. Most of the time the non dominant hand is the where you put the glove. After you have determined your glove hand you need to get your sizing down. Baseball and softball gloves and mitts are available in little league sizes all the way up to adult models. So, try a few on and find the right fit. The glove will need to be broken before you play so take that into account as well. Baseball and softball gloves and mitts will break down differently- for example Naugahyde takes far longer to break in compared to a traditional leather mitt or glove. [product_tag tags="baseball-and-softball-gloves-and-mitts" orderby="popularity"]

Gloves by Position

There are gloves for every position which will also influence your purchasing choice. catcher's gloves are significantly different than normal fielding gloves. Instead of having separate slots for each finger all of your fingers go into one slot. This means that catcher's gloves also need more play to  fully break in. The closed pocket means that they are among the most durable of baseball gloves. Make sure when you are sizing you measure around the circumference of the baseball and softball gloves and mitts because catcher's gloves have different sizes than traditional fielding gloves. First base gloves have numerous similarities to catcher's gloves but with longer fingers and much less padding. This is due to the need for flexibility that first baseman need. The glove is not as sturdy as a catcher's glove but it is leagues above a normal fielding glove. Infield gloves come with pockets that are smaller to enable rapid ball movement in and out of the mitt. The vast majority of infield gloves come with a sealed pocket in order to catch heavy power balls. Infield softball gloves also share these traits. Outfield gloves are similar but larger because outfielders need to have deeper pockets and special trapeze webbing for high flying balls. There are also special pitcher's baseball and softball gloves and mitts gloves but these are typically more comfortable versions of infield gloves.
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