Baseball Arm and Leg Guards

Baseball Arm and Leg Guards

Baseball Arm and Leg guards are the normal protection batters wear nowadays. Twenty-five years ago, you would never turn your television to a Major League Baseball game and see layers of padding. Never seeing it swaddle hitters that stood dangerously close to home plate. However, they make technological advancements every day in the production of baseball and softball equipment. The ability for manufacturers to churn out elite-level protective gear has made heavily-armored hitters a common sight. The arm and leg guards that today's players wear takes the fear out of the batter's box.

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Arm Guard Baseball Players in MLB Prefer

It is impossible to forget the image of slugger, Barry Bonds wrapped in layers of padding surrounding his right arm. He always confidently waggled his comically short bat at over matched pitchers. The protective arm guard baseball great Barry  Bonds strapped to his powerful arm resembled something closer to medieval armor. As a result, baseball equipment has allowed Bonds to inch ever closer to the inside corner of the plate. While very few people are in the same stratosphere as someone like Barry Bonds. The arm and leg guards he wore paved the way for many to take the same precautions at the dish.

Batters Leg Guards and Elbow Guards

Today, they make protective gear and equipment available at every level of the game. And, design them specifically to better fit younger players. Since, they have to meet their unique needs. Getting hit by a hard fastball in the early stages of a young career can greatly hinder confidence. Also, detract from the love of the game. They make Arm and elbow guards simpler and more convenient designs that you can slip right over the hand and you can adjust accordingly for a personal fit. Impact tested padding that surrounds the elbow is the ideal choice for players looking for added protection and parents in search of better safety for their future all-star. Modern arm guards are less bulky and they construct them to be lightweight. Elbow guards are especially important for pitchers who hit with their throwing arm facing the pitcher. A more common sight in professional baseball and a growing trend in the amateur ranks is the use of leg guards that strap securely around the ankle, calf, and foot to better protect a player's lower body from errant pitches or foul tips. Foul balls off the top or side of the foot can result in the fracture of a number of the tiny bones in the foot leaving players with intense pain and a potential stint on the disabled list. Also, they design the new and improved leg guards to be incredibly lightweight with form fitting padding that surrounds the base of the shin and a protective flap that sits comfortably over the top of the foot. These leg guards are one of the more versatile and effective types of protection and are made by the vast majority of manufacturers in elite-level designs.