Ambidextrous Baseball Glove

Ambidextrous Baseball Glove

An ambidextrous baseball glove is a unique model that allows ambidextrous players to utilize their skill set. Given that only one percent of Americans are truly ambidextrous, finding an ambidextrous baseball player is rare. There is only one professional pitcher who pitches with both arms. His name is Pat Venditte.  He currently is in the Phillies organization.

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Switch Pitcher Glove

A switch pitcher is defined as pitcher who is able to pitch with either arm. So too rare is the switch pitcher glove. The switch pitcher glove allows the pitcher to switch to the other trowing hand without going to the dugout for a different glove. These athletes are at a distinct advantage because they can switch pitching arms. The unique ability to be able to choose which hand to use maximizes the matchup advantages when facing the batter. The pitcher will have the benefit when facing off against a batter with the same dominant arm. Thus by switching to the opposite arm, the pitcher will gain the advantage over the batter. This advantage is a result of the angle of the pitches off the mound. Plus, the break of the pitches away from the hitter. In addition, by being able to use two pitching arms, the athlete reduces the wear and tear on the body.

Akadema Ambidextrous Glove

Because they are such a rare find, ambidextrous athletes find it difficult to find a suitable baseball glove. Akadema makes a limited amount of approximately 100 gloves annually for these players. This Akadema ambidextrous baseball glove has six finger holes. Each side of the glove is a finger for the athlete's thumb. The four holes in the middle are for the corresponding four fingers. A right-handed pitcher would put their thumb in the far left hole. Hence, a left handed pitcher would put their thumb in the far right hole. Mizuno also offers a custom made ambidextrous baseball glove at a higher price point for those willing to spend the money. You can order through the custom glove designer link on our website.