All Star Training Mitts

All Star Training Mitts

Build your baseball fundamentals this season with All Star training mitts! The best way to improve your fielding skills is with practice and the proper equipment. The two complement each other in the multiple designs that All Star has produced in their training mitts. Whether you want to improve your blocking, catching, hand/transfer speeds or improve your coordination, All Star training mitts can help you become the player you want to be! [product_tag tags="all-star-training-mitts"]

All Star Training Catchers Mitt

There are three models in the All Star training mitts product line; the Donut CM1000TM 33.5", Pocket CM100TM 27" and the equalizer CM3000TM 35" training mitts. Each designed to improve a certain aspect of a catchers ability to perform. While, not designed for actual play the smooth pocket of the Donut CM100TM improves player speed and transfer time. The sleekness of the pocket allows a player to easily reach into the mitt and transfer the ball to your hand. This decreases the time handling the ball and gives you more time to throw down a runner. Next, in line for the All Star training mitts is the Pocket CM100TM 27" mitt. It's design specifically has a smaller pocket and smaller diameter and here's why. While transitioning and speed is important, one must catch before they can throw. An improvement in accuracy results from the small nature of the mitt. Finally, All Star developed a training mitt known for its durability and fantastic dependability. The Equalizer CM3000TM 35" mitt is professional grade, made from the toughest leather on the market. The Equalizer is one of the best gloves for improving hand speed, transfer speed and can be used in almost any manor.  While being very durable, it also weighs in at under two pounds as is the case with all of their small training baseball gloves!

All Star Training Gloves: FG100TM 9.5"

Much like the Pocket, the FG100TM is a much smaller training glove and for the same reason. A ball coming towards a catcher can still be very fast, but a ball coming off a baseball bat can be even faster. Reaction time and concentration is necessary to be a good infielder. Bad hops happen all the time in baseball and it's difficult to see exactly where the ball may end up. The FG100TM helps train you to focus on a smaller target and transition once in the pocket. Start to play like a pro and purchase the All Star training mitts today! All of the above small training baseball gloves are available on the Baseball Bargains website.