All Star Catchers Helmet

All Star Catchers Helmet

The catchers position is unarguably the most dangerous position in the game of baseball. This is why it is essential for catchers to have equipment that helps them stay safe out on the field while also allowing them to perform at a high level. Choosing a great helmet can be tough, to help narrow down your search it is important to consider the brand of the product and specific features of the helmet. Here is why you should consider purchasing an All Star Catchers Helmet. [product_tag tags="all-star-catchers-helmet" orderby="popularity"]

The All Star Brand:

The All Star brand is as good as it gets. All Star has been creating baseball products for many years. The reason All Star has been able to have consistent success is because of the high quality of their products. Both current and former pro ballplayers use All star equipment including John Lucroy and Jose Molina. These ballplayers choose All Star because of the consistent high quality products they provide their consumers.


Allstar Adult Two Tone System Seven Catchers Helmet: Priced at $159.99. This helmet is designed for high school and college level catchers. Using UltraCool 3D mesh padding liner this helmet has great breathability. On top of this, this helmet comes in 6 different color combinations. So, the color you are looking for is available.

Allstar Adult System Seven Catchers Helmet: Priced at $124.99. This helmet uses an impact-resistant ABS plastic outer shell which uses high density foam lining. This design helps absorb the impact from a baseball while also keeping a ballplayer safe.

Allstar Youth Catcher Helmet: Priced at $72.95. This helmet also uses a high impact resistant ABS plastic shell to absorb the shock of a baseball. This helmet is designed for youth ballplayers.

We have a huge selection of All Star catchers helmets right here on the Baseball Bargains website. So, stay safe on the field and purchase yourself an All Star catchers helmet today!