All Star Catchers Bags

All Star Catchers Bag

Hopefully you've purchased some of All Star's quality catchers gear to transport in their top of the line All Star catchers bag! Whether you choose to purchase a roller bag or carry bag, the storage space will amaze you. While holding all of the necessary catchers gear, All Stars bags can also hold at least 4 baseball/softball bats, a batting helmet and more!

All Star Catchers Bag (BBPRO1A/BBPRO2A) Features

All Star manufactures the BBPRO1, a large duffel bag type product. Also containing a large 36"x12"x15" interior side pocket, this bag is very spacious and simple. All of your equipment is in one large area. This makes for an easy transition from fielding to batting. In fact, this 6480 cubic inch bag is large enough to hold multiple sets of catchers gear as well as the other baseball equipment essentials. The other All Star catchers bag model is the BBPRO2. This model is a little less spacious but offers 5 inner storage compartments. As well as an outer compartment for up to 5 bats! All of these inner compartments can hold everything from cleats, gloves, helmets and any other catchers gear. The separation of the gear into these 5 sub compartments is meant to keep your gear protected from other gear you may have placed inside. Not only is it convenient by organizing your gear but smart. By Increasing the longevity of your gear you are saving time and money with this quality product. While these  All Star Catchers Bag models have different methods in gear organization, they are some of the toughest around. Made with industrial Nylon material, these bags are built to last.

All Star Catchers Bag BBPRO2ARB Features

The All Star pro team roller bag is one of All Stars best products for transporting your gear. It has the additional benefit of providing relief through ease and convenience. The BBPRO2ARB can store nearly as much gear as the BBPRO2A but with the added luxury of convenience. With the catchers gear, cleats, gloves, helmets, and up to 4 bats, this bag will have a substantial weight to it. That's why All Star created interior rail technology to take the strain off of you and keep you energized. Also made out of the same strong nylon material and with the added interior compartments. This is the best way to protect your equipment so pick up or roll off with your own All Star Catchers Bag at Baseball Bargains today!