All Star Black Catchers Mitt

All Star Black Catchers Mitt

The catchers position is arguably the most important position in the game of baseball. The catcher is the captain of the field and this is why catchers need to be on their game. Performing well behind the plate has a positive affect on the team as a whole. Narrowing down your search for a catchers mitt can be tough as there is so much to take into consideration. Some things to consider include the brand the mitt comes from, specific features of the glove, and how you want the glove too look. An All Star Black Catchers Mitt comes in an array of styles and here is why you should consider purchasing one. [product_tag tags="all-star-black-catchers-mitt" orderby="popularity"]

All Star:

The All Star company has been in business for a very long time. Throughout this time they have cemented themselves as one of the best manufacturers in the game of baseball. Specifically All Star has had much success when it comes to catchers equipment. Catchers at every level of the game have raved about the high quality of All Star products. Many pro ballplayers choose to use All Star products themselves. John Lucroy is one of these catchers and he choose All Star because he believes it gives him the best chance to perform.


All Star Pro Elite CM3000SBK 33.5 inch Catchers Mitt: Priced at $399.95. This glove uses Japanese tanned steer hide and stiff black leather to give this glove long lasting durability. Also, this glove has a sleek all black design. This is a great glove fo highly competitive ballplayers.

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