All Star Adult Catchers Gear

All Star Adult Catchers Gear

To protect the player with the responsibility of securing every pitch, All Star adult catchers gear, supplies the tools of the trade. Baseball enthusiasts will be very familiar with this analogy. For those who may not appreciate the direct reference to the tools of the trade, here's why All Star adult catchers gear is such a popular choice in catching equipment.

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All Star Traditional Masks and Hockey Style Helmets

The All Star line of catching gear begins with two options for head protection. Leagues and collegiate players above the high school level are permitted to use the traditional mask and skullcap. However, according to National Federation High School Baseball Rule 1, Section 5, Article 4, and most youth leagues, a full hockey style-catching helmet is a requirement for all catchers. Therefore, they are the most popular models. Depending on your level of play, All Star offers all three pieces of equipment. There are several different mask and pad color combinations for All Star traditional masks. Each uses All Star's trademark I-Bar Vision facemask giving catchers a clear view of play. The hockey style helmet by All Star comes in an even larger number of different color combinations and models to meet the needs of different skill levels. In addition, each of their full catchers helmets has NOCSAE approval. Thus, All Star adult catchers gear begins with a number of choices for head protection.

All Star S7 Chest Protector

To protect the mid section and shoulders of the catcher is the next important job of quality catchers gear. All Star employs their SystemSeven (S7) technology to make one of the most popular adult chest protectors available. There are 21 different color combinations to match any team uniform, plus a USA stars and stripes model. The All Star S7 chest protector is both lightweight and absorbent. It deflects the impact of the baseball. Each chest protector has additional molded PE hard shell protection over vulnerable areas like the throat, collarbone, and sternum. The unique S7 design employs wedge shaped pads in the mid section to protect the catcher and deflect the ball straight down, not off to the side. Catchers say the All Star chest protector is so comfortable it feels like wearing a t shirt. It's also machine washable and durable, so it stays looking good for years.

All Star S7 Leg Guards

All Star adult catchers gear finishes off the protection with a pair of leg guards. They use the same sound S7 technology behind their chest protector to provide a full lower leg and knee protective barrier. The S7 adult leg guards are available in 27 color combinations to match perfectly with the other pieces of gear. So, they can blend with any team uniform. Each guard has a hard outer shell to deflect hard shots. They are also filled with a perforated inner padding to keep the catcher comfortably protected. The DO3® kneepad is ergonomically designed to cover the entire catcher's knee. All Star shin guards use a DeltaFlex harness strap system to keep the shin guards where they belong. With full wrap-around padding, All Star shin guards stay in place, so they can fully protect the catcher. Using All Star adult catchers gear allows the catcher to work every pitch with confidence. They will have a clear vision of the game in front of them, and full protection to do their job safely. Hence, All Star provides hundreds of pieces of protective baseball gear.  As a result, their catcher's equipment is one of the most popular lines for the tools of the trade.