Akadema ProSoft

Akadema ProSoft Series

The Akadema ProSoft Series will meet the needs of serious players looking for a great glove. The gloves use durable yet light weight steer hide leather that is also flexible and tough. Game-ready right out of the factory, these mitts also have a comfortable feel and secure fit like no other. Each of these Akadema gloves has a deep pocket and an open back for great ball control and air flow. The Akadema ProSoft Series also features a variety of unique patterns that are specific to position. The 11.5" AFL 211 model, for example, has a Funnel design. The glove uses an inverted thumb and pinky to create a naturally open pocket. As a result, the glove acts as a funnel, using the wide pocket to increase control and easily scoop ground-balls. For some of the best baseball gloves on the market, pick up a mitt from the Akadema ProSoft Series. Order yours from Baseball Bargains today!