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A2000 Outfield Glove

If you have a Wilson A2000 Outfield Glove, you know how dramatically it can improve your game, and help you feel extremely comfortable out in the outfield. Outfielders have one of the most specific gloves in the game in correspondence to their usage elsewhere in the field. An infielder can play the outfield with their glove if they need to, but will not be as effective. If this was opposite and an outfielder had to play the infield, their glove wouldn't make the transition as well. This is because infield gloves need to be able to catch infield flies as well as ground balls. Fielding a ground ball in the outfield is much easier than a fly ball in the infield, so outfield gloves are more specifically designed to the position's needs. So, to help you with the precision of outfield gloves, Wilson creates the A2000. This glove features Pro Stock leather, dual welting, and a deep pocket to catch everything. These features fully allow players to play how they want to in the field. The glove adjusts to the player, rather than the player adjusting to the glove. The Pro Stock leather of the A2000 breaks in with the shape of your hand and keeps its shape for the lifetime of the glove. The dual welting of the glove improves break-in time, but also make the glove more durable. With this craftsmanship, every player that buys an A2000 gets a personalized glove. [product_tag tags="a2000-outfield-glove" orderby="popularity"]


The Wilson brand is one of the best in the game of baseball when it comes to gloves. So, when you buy from them you know you are getting excellent quality. Their unmatched craftsmanship takes players to the next level. So, come to the Baseball Bargains website today and get a Wilson A2000 Outfield Glove.
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