2 5 8 Baseball Bats

2 5 8 Baseball Bats

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2 5 8 Baseball Bats popularize the youth age divisions quite a bit. Players eventually fully develop their muscles and move onto 2 3 4 and much lower length to weight ratio drops. But before they do, the 2 5 8 bat thrives as their first exposure to bigger barreled hardware. With a sweet spot significantly larger than its 2 1 4 predecessor, young batters will swing with unmatched confidence. Knowing that if they barrel up a pitch, the ball will travel farther than they could ever possibly imagine. [product_tag tags="2-5-8-baseball-bats" orderby="popularity"]

Additional Features:

Since 2 5 8 bats come available for the pre-adult divisions, the USA certification series takes the place of BBCOR. Moreover, these bats supply the first dosage of power a young slugger will be introduced to. Therefore, at a time when most are gearing up for what to expect when middle school or junior high tryouts roll around in the coming years, the 2 5 8 can be the difference between your child hanging up the cleats, or continuing forward in the game. When you invest in the equipment that allegedly guarantees your child a fast track to the next level, the last thing you want to hear is that they are making the switch from baseball to lacrosse. So lockup a 2 5 8 barrel bat for them as soon as possible. Much like securing a larger modeled glove well in advance, it will serve as the ultimate transitioning tool. While they can still wield a 2 1 4 during game play, the 2 5 8 helps their training repetitions. Instead of buying a donut or bat weight, another bat will be on call to help your child's game bat feel incredibly lightweight. Additionally, when your child is finally ready to take on the 2 5 8 as his primary bat of choice, he will have already familiarized himself with it. So much so that his long term commitment to the game will become most definitely sealed.