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13 Softball Glove

Check out our complete line of 13 softball glove models

Step up your game with a size 13 softball glove, the best outfielders and corners can't get enough of them. The reason for this is actually very simple, longer gloves have a better chance of catching the ball. While having a smaller glove has it's benefits, large gloves are just as nifty. But first you have to trap the ball in your glove, having those extra inches makes it a whole lot easier. The same goes for the outfielders, its tough to track down a fast hit pitch and its easy to lose your step in the vast outfield. So get a size 13 softball glove and here's some good reasons why. [product_tag tags="13-softball-glove" orderby="popularity"]

What makes a size 13 softball glove so great

To start, our size 13 softball gloves are the best around, that's because they're made from top brands like Rawlings, Wilson and others. So right off the bat, you know you're getting a quality softball glove. The leather is pro grade, meaning it'll stand tough against the elements and won't wear out over a short period of time. The exterior and interior are equally important. Having a glove that fits well and stay in shape are the standards that these big brands try to uphold. Having a size 13 softball glove can help you become a huge obstacle for the opposing team. You'll be like a human fly swatter and continue to knock down balls left and right. As far as outfielders are concerned, they have quite a few obstacles to get around. The vastness of the outfield and the constant fly balls that always seem to land right in the sun. Well most gloves are fitted with a specially designed webbing based for their position. The H web lets players see through their glove,block the sun and keep an eye on the ball. So come down to Baseball Bargains to see our full collection!
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