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Under Armor Baseball Helmet

An Under Armor baseball helmet is a gem. Finding hidden gems is always a treat. Under Armour is an absolutely fantastic company that is now everywhere. Commonly, there is a misspelling when it comes to the company. Many spell it as Under Armor, whereas it is really Under Armour. So, when people search for these great helmets, they might type in 'Under Armor baseball helmet'. If you do this often, don't be upset. It is a very common mistake that will still lead you to the right product. So, what about your Under Armor baseball helmet is so great? Under Armour is one of the best companies when it comes to innovating, and putting the best material in their equipment. So, when they produce a rand new helmet, you know it will have tons of technology. Within Under Armour batting helmets, there are two different series you have to pick form. One is the Converge series, and their regular batting helmets. The regular series is just as good, don't let the name fool you. Each are home to their own great technologies that protect the head and help players stay comfortable. They also look awesome, and have many color ways so you can match your team.

Batting Helmet Options

Under Armor batting helmet models have many different looks and color options. Obviously with any different product, their will be differences, so what exactly is different about them. The first obvious difference is the look of the helmet. The Batters Helmet series has more curves, whereas the Converge series is a sleek looking design like a car. The converge helmet has strategically placed vents in order to to keep players cool during the hottest moths of the year. There is a HeatGear lining that shields players from heat as well. Also, there is a antimicrobial treated foam on the inside of the helmet. So, your helmet will never get sweaty from all of the your hard work. The Under Armour batters helmet uses ABS plastic which is extremely hard and durable to protect you when you are up at bat. This plastic is also very lightweight, so players are extremely comfortable out on the field. There are also large vent ports in order to increase air flow to the head. Also, Under Armour uses moisture wicking material on the inside of the helmet in order to keep players dry. Check out all of the Under Armor baseball helmet models below. 

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