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Slow Pitch Pitchers Mask

A slow pitch pitchers mask is vital to the safety of all pitchers in slow pitch leagues. If you watch any competitive slow pitch game, players are able to mash softballs distances not many people realize. There is even a home run per inning limit in the best leagues because players would hit a home run every time. These masks protect the pitchers from taking one of these projectiles to the face. If you do take one of these so called softballs to the face, it will hurt very badly and you will have a very serious injury. It is always best to be safe. Many pitchers in slow pitch leagues today do not wear them. But, it is best that the word gets around and players start using them. These slow pitch softball pitching mask models will keep players on the field and it could possibly save lives which is beneficial in recreational leagues.

Rawlings - Slow Pitch Softball Pitching Mask

A couple of top baseball manufacturers make these face masks, so this will be a review type of these companies models. Rawlings makes a couple of models of these face masks. The first fielders mask is a great choice for any player. This slow pitch softball pitching mask offers great protection and still lets players have full visibility of the field. Also, it doesn't block your side view so you can see what is happening next to you without turning your head. Visibility is key when wearing one of these masks as you don't want one that restricts it. With the wire design to it you can get full visibility with a light weight feel. And, the piping is frosted over so it reduces the glare from the sun greatly. When buying a product like this, you need to be able to buy from a company that you trust.


Mizuno has a slow pitch pitchers mask that is one of the more protective models on the market today. The mask also feature the wire like design Rawlings has. This design is key to look for when buying a face mask as it keep the weight down and isn't keeping your attention away from the game. This system has straps that are stronger than most and keeps this mask on tight. It won't be that tight where it effects your focus. Burt, it will be snug and stay on no matter what. EvoShield has also recently gotten into the slow pitch pitchers mask game. They make protective gear for almost every other part of your body, so this is a good addition. The slow pitch softball pitching mask by EvoShield is obviously one of the best around as they make the best protection for players. This masks has a unique feature where it has a built in chin guard to prevent balls from hitting your face from bouncing up.

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