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Rawlings Heart of the Hide First Base Mitt

The stand out and most popular of all their models is the Rawlings Heart of the Hide first base  mitt.   The reputation of the Heart of the Hide series sells these models year after year.  It doesn't hurt that you will see MLB first basemen using this series all season long.   

Between baseball and fastpitch gloves, Baseball Bargains currently holds 14 different Rawlings first base mitt models in our inventory. They include different series including their great Heart of the Hide series and their Pro Preferred series. So, among the variety you have, you'll have options from two of the best glove lines in the baseball market today. The series that are most affordable are the, Liberty Advanced series, Player Preferred series, and the Renegade series.

Within the different series in the Rawlings first base glove line, the same general shape stays true. If it works for one model, why wouldn't it for another? The differences in the gloves lies in the different leathers that Rawlings uses for their gloves. For example in the Heart of the Hide series, Rawlings uses a combination of the top 5% of leather to produce an astounding steerhide leather. This leather is extremely durable and will last players a long time. The Pro Preferred series uses full grain kip leather. The great thing about kip leather is that is is both lightweight and durable. So, players will be able to easily pick the ball out of the dirt on those bad throws to first. Check out our full selection of Rawlings first base mitt models below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Rawlings First Base Mitts

Getting the most information you can before you choose your Rawlings first base glove will help you select the best model for your needs.

What Makes a Rawlings First Base Mitt Unique?

In a word Craftsmanship.  Rawlings has been the premier glove maker for baseball for over a century.  Expert craftsmen work with MLB players to design state of the art baseball and softball gloves.  There is a reason why the best defenders win the Rawlings Gold Glove Award.  It is because Rawlings gloves are synonymous with excellence, and being the best.

Do MLB Players use Rawlings First Base Mitts?

Absolutely,  You can see stars using Rawlings first base mitts all across the majors.  We carry the Anthony Rizzo's game model here at Baseball Bargains

How do you Tighten a Rawlings First Base Mitt?

There are many spots on a first base mitt that allow you to tighten the glove.  If you are trying to reduce the wrist opening for smaller hands, there is an adjustment you can make by pulling the lace out of the wrist strap holes and relacing it through the other holes on the wrist strap.  

To tighten the web or the spaces between the fingers, you will need to follow the lace and determine the part of the lace that can tighten the area in question.  With a little bit of pulling on the loose part you usually can determine where you need to pull and retie in order to tighten the loosened area.  If you don't trust yourself, you can always bring your glove to a glove re-lacer, or even a local shoe repair company, and they should be able to help you out.