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Rawlings Baseball and Softball Catchers Glove

Rawlings baseball and softball catchers glove models are some of the best catchers mitts on the market. As previously mentioned, the baseball series of mitts are all excellent and will provide every player with the tools they need to succeed. Starting with the Pro Preferred, this glove is one if not the best glove on the market. This glove has a tough leather that will shape itself and then mold to your hand. The leather pops every time a ball makes contact with it as it shows the quality of the leather. One of the sweetest sounds in baseball. The Heart Of The Hide, or HOTH, is another great Rawlings catcher mitt. This glove uses a more soft leather but is still very tough. Similar to the Pro Preferred, it will stick to its original mold and pocket. Another great option. Lastly, the Gold Glove. The Gold Glove is similar to the Pro Preferred with leather but isn't built as great. Nonetheless, a great option for a cheaper price.

In the game of softball, Rawlings continues their excellence by making great softball mitts for catchers. Their top of the line glove in softball is the Heart Of The Hide collection. The HOTH is a soft leather that molds to your hand and molds into a nice fitting pocket. Once the glove is able to mold to your specifications, it will not change. It has a great ability to stay tough and hold its shape.  That is the main reason so many people love a Heart of the Hide mitt, especially behind the plate. The Liberty series is another great series that is more similar to the Gold Glove series in baseball. This line of gloves has great flare to them with the all white color with white trimming. It makes a real statement on the field. Check out our selection of Rawlings catcher mitt models below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Rawlings Catchers Mitts

Getting the most information you can before you choose your catchers mitt will help you select the best model for your needs.

What Makes Rawlings Catchers Mitts so Special?

The quality of leather and the craftsmanship are what makes Rawlings gloves the best in the baseball. You don't get to be the Gold Glove award sponsor for the MLB without having the reputation for greatness. Rawlings has been making the best gloves in the industry for over a century.

Do MLB Catchers use Rawlings Mitts?

Absolutely, Yadier Molina and Salvatore Perez are just two of a long list of major leaguers that choose to take the field with a Rawlings catcher mitt.

How do I Know What Size Catchers Mitt is Best for Me?

That depends on your age and the size of your hand. very young players with small hands should go with a 31.5 inch model. Adults with very large hands should go with a 34 inch model. The most popular size for adults is the 33.5 inch size. However, the more you catch, the more you will have a preference to a particular size.