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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Outfield Gloves

Getting the most information you can before you choose your outfield glove will help you select the best model for your needs.

What Size Baseball Glove is Best for the Outfield?

Outfield baseball Gloves are typically 12.5 or 12.75 inch for adults and 12.25 inch for youth players. The 12.75 inch size is the most prevalent. The larger glove provides a deep pocket to help secure those diving or shoe string catches.

Are Outfield Gloves for Baseball and Softball the Same Size??

No, Softball gloves are larger to be able to take in the bigger ball. Fastpitch softball outfield gloves are typically 13 inch while mens slow pitch softball gloves for the outfield are 14 or 15 inches.

What Brand Makes the Best Outfield Gloves?

We carry all of the best brands of baseball gloves. Which outfield gloves are best for you depends on several factors. Do you need a youth or adult model, what is your budget, how often do you play in the outfield, and do you have a preference to the type of web.If you use those factors to narrow down your search, you will be able to find the best outfield gloves for you.