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Most youth leagues do not allow metal cleats for safety reasons. The Mizuno molded softball cleats are often recommended because they provide more protection and stability while running and sliding. You can also choose from mid and low models. Depending on price points, molded softball cleats are usually made out of a mix plastic materials. These type of cleats are perfect for younger athletes. The molded spikes are part of the bottom of the shoe and are not removable. The molded cleats are usually best for turf fields and grass. So, before you purchase you should consider where you play.

Mizuno Molded Cleats

The latest Mizuno molded softball cleats protect the athlete and maximize performance with the inclusion of several technical features including: Padded booty tongue designed for exceptional fit A 9 spike advanced outsole spread out on the cleat for lockdown stability and traction Stabilizing ankle collars to prevent injuries Mizuno molded softball cleats are for both young athletes and adult players. Choosing a cleat size is similar to choosing a standard sneaker. However, it is important to choose a cleat that is tighter than what you would choose for a sneaker. A tighter cleat will help keep the foot from sliding around and causing blisters. But, you should make sure the size fits comfortably. Combining the latest technology with signature craftsmanship, Mizuno is a leader in the sporting goods market. So, when you see their logo, you know you are getting quality molded softball cleats.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Mizuno molded softball cleats.

Getting the most information you can about our Mizuno molded softball cleats will help you select the best model for your needs.

Are Molded Cleats and Rubber Cleats the Same?

Yes, they are the same. In the industry if someone refers to molded or rubber cleats for softball, they are talking about the same thing.

Are Metal or Plastic Cleats Better for Softball?

It's a matter of preference. A lot of players do prefer metal cleats as they feel they provide better traction. However, before considering Mizuno metal softball cleats, be sure that your league allows them. 

How Long do Molded Cleats Last?

That depends on how often you play. You can comfortable get a couple of seasons out of your cleats if you take care of them. To prolong the life of your Mizuno molded softball cleats, try to avoid wearing them to and from the field. Walking on cement or blacktop will wear out your cleats much faster than play on the field.