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Lizard Skin Bat Tape

Five years ago Lizard Skin bat tape was launched as a product line. They took their highly successful DuraSoft Polymer motorcycle handle tape, and modified it slightly for use on baseball and softball bats. As a result they are now the industry leader in providing a wrapping material that gives hitters a secure and comfortable grip.

Lizard Skin Bat Wrap Improves Your Bat Grip

The Lizard Skin bat wrap improves you bat grip. The first objective behind the Lizard Skin bat grip was to provide a safe and secure grip for road bikers. Batters get the same functional performance out of Lizard Skin Bat Tape. Hitters can feel secure that they will have a firm hold on their bat. Therefore , they can generate as much bat speed as possible. Lizard Tape gives you a comfortable, tight grip on your bat handle. You can swing with functional confidence when your fingers are locked with the Lizard Skin. The secure grip goes beyond keeping the bat in your hands; it also allows you to swing with a furious bat speed to apply maximum force to the batted ball.

Lizard Skin grips come in dozens of eye-catching colors. There is going to be a color combination that matches your team's uniform colors, or you go with an outlandish florescent Lizard Skin bat tape. Since it is simple to prep your bat handle for a new layer of Lizard tape, you can change colors to meet special occasions. Go red, white and blue to show your patriotism, or wrap your bat with one of the camouflage designs. It won't matter what your team colors are, or whatever colorful image you want to display, keep a multi-color pack in your bat bag. Peel the old color tape, lightly wipe your bat handle with a dab of rubbing alcohol, and in a few minutes have a brand new wrap in place.

Baseball or softball players can easily wrap their bat handles using Lizard Skin bat wrap. It's as easy as following a gently reducing wrap line, overlapping slightly to add minimal thickness to the bat handle. You can also choose from three different thickness choices, depending on how deeply you like to rest the handle of the bat in the palm of your hand. When you have a secure grip, fingers tightly in control of your bat, you'll have enhanced confidence at the plate. Good hitters know that half the battle towards making successful contact with the ball is confidence. So, you can add a little confidence and security to your game. You just have to wrap up  your bat with Lizard Skin Bat Tape. Dozens of Major League Baseball players use it, as do world-class fastpitch softball stars. It's the tape that gives you the grip of confidence in the batter's box. Wrap up your baseball bat and grip it tight with Lizard Skin Bat Tape and swing for the fences. So, check out all of your color and size options on the Baseball Bargains website.

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