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Catchers Glove for Fastpitch Softball

There are many models of catchers glove for fastpitch softball. Whether you are looking at the new Easton Ghost fastpitch catchers mitt, or the ever popular Mizuno Franchise Softball catchers mitt, we have them all. Our large selection allows players of all abilities to find the catchers glove to fit their needs. High end players tend to choose the Wilson A2000 fastpitch catchers mitt , Nokona Buckaroo, or the Rawlings Liberty catchers mitt. See all of the models of catchers glove for fastpitch softball below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Fastpitch Catchers Gloves and Mitts

Getting the most information you can before you choose your fastpitch catchers glove will help you select the best model for your needs.

What Makes a Softball Catchers Glove Different from A Baseball Catchers Mitt?

The width and depth of the pocket is the main difference. To be able to handle the larger softball the pocket needs to be much larger. Because of these dimensions the fastpitch catchers glove has a much more oval look than a baseball catchers mitt.

Are all Fastpitch Catchers Mitts available in a Left Hand Throw Option?

No. Be sure to check the listing for the throwing hand drop down menu to check to see if the model is available in the left hand throw option.

Why do Some Fastpitch Catchers Gloves come with a Velcro Strap.?

Fastpitch catchers gloves are designed with the female hand in mind. Knowing that there is a large difference between the hand thicknesses of female player, many manufacturers incorporate a velcro strap on some models to allow the player to adjust for a snug fit on their hand. Most Mizuno fastpitch catchers mitts have a velcro strap.