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Evoshield Elbow Guard Youth

The Evoshield elbow guard youth model is an essential piece of equipment for young baseball players. It doesn't matter whether you're a little league player, scholastic age baseball star, or a Major League hitter, taking a fastball off the elbow hurts.

The Evoshield elbow guard youth size perfectly fits the young player. It stays secure on the back of the arm so that it does what it's intended to do without constantly needing adjustment. The guard employs the Evoshield custom molded, Gel-to-Shell technology. The shield starts out as soft padding, but hardens to a protective shell in minutes. This means no matter what the size or shape of the player's arm, the Evoshield elbow guard youth model will fit securely. By molding to the young player's arm, the Evoshield will not be an uncomfortable distraction.

Youth Elbow Guard

This youth elbow guard is an integral tool to help the development of a young players swing. Youth players need to be able to learn how to swing correctly. All hitters need to have flexibility at the elbow joint, so they can correctly rotate their arms on impact. The Evoshield elbow guard youth model gives the young hitter protection of this area so they can swing with confidence. Each youth elbow guard is moldable to fit the left or right arm.  With the molded shape of the Evoshield Elbow guard, it not only provides a hard shell layer to withstand the impact, it allows the player to swing naturally. The elbow guard disperses the force of impact. So, players hardly notice the contact. When the young hitter needs to feel secure in the batter's box, they benefit from knowing their lead arm is protected. A bulky pad might make them feel protected, but it will limit their flexibility and distract their focus. This won't happen with the Evoshield elbow guard youth design. It's the flexible protection, which makes the young player feel like a pro.

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