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Demarini Zen drop 10

The Demarini Zen drop 10 is an awesome new bat from Demarini, which is one of the best bat makers around. Do you play senior league baseball? Well this is the bat for you. Demarini makes all the best bats for your local high school team and the college teams that you like to watch. The Demarini zen drop 10 is just like the bats the big guys use, but just the right size for senior league players. The "drop 10" means that the bat weighs 10 ounces less than it is inches long. That sounds confusing, but its really not. What that means is if your bat is 32 inches long then it would weigh 22 ounces. So if you bought a Demarini Zen Drop 10, thats would the length and weight would be for the 32 inch model. They are starting to make them in composite material too, instead of just aluminum. This makes the bat much stronger and lets you hit the ball much further. The Demarini Zen is a full composite bat.

Demarini Big Barrel

 A Demarini Zen drop 10 is the bat that you need. They are light and strong. They have a big barrel. All these things mean that you will have the best bat on the team and a much better chance to hit the ball over the fence. Remember, its not the bat that hits the ball. Its you who hits the ball, and hitting the baseball takes lots of practice and determination. The bat you pick does make a difference though. You want to have a bat that is strong and light. You want a bat that you are comfortable with. Get a bat that gives you the best chance to make solid contact. The Demarini Zen drop 10 is that bat.

Click Here to see the Demarini Zen Drop 10 video

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