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Baseball Skull Cap

Catchers that prefer the traditional two piece design use a baseball skull cap and face mask. This combo is lighter than the hockey style catchers helmet. It is easier to remove and allows catchers to move their heads more freely once they remove the mask. A baseball skull cap will keep your head safe. Unlike a batting helmet, it does not cover your ears. Instead, it fits over the top part of your skull. Its fit ensures that the catcher is safe behind the plate. Your head is protected from the impact of wild pitches and foul balls. You also stay safe should you collide with a player from the opposite team.
A baseball skull cap uses durable materials like ABS plastic in it's construction. ABS plastic is used to make other gear like batting helmets. It will take the impact from a ball or bat swing. It protects your head from injuries like concussions. When you shop for a baseball skull cap, it is important that you choose one made for your head size. Brands like Wilson. Rawlings, Easton and All Star make skull caps for players of all ages. The caps made for adults come in fitted and one size fits all sizes. They also weigh less than 1 pound, ensuring their lightweight fit.

Catchers Skull Cap Colors and Styles

You can find a catchers skull cap in colors that should go with your uniform or jersey. They are commonly available in navy, black, red, and royal. They likewise come in matte and gloss finishes. The inside of the catchers skull cap features padding that makes it comfortable to wear. You can also use a baseball skull cap as abase coach helmet. Many leagues require base coaches to wear helmets for safety. A Skull cap offers a lighter and more comfortable option to a regular batting helmet.  Some brands offer caps with vents to allow for are to cool down the head of the catcher or base coach. Baseball skull caps are affordable for most budgets. They ensure the safety of the ball player once he or she takes the field. Check out our selection below.

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