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Evoshield Adult Batters Leg Guard:

The Evoshield Adult Batters leg guard is just one of a sea of premier leg guard examples. It will make you fearless of foul tips off the ankle or shin, thanks to its gel to shell, custom molding technology. Additionally, the Evoshield features inner ankle protections, and disperses, absorbed impact. The latter meaning that the guard will remain in tact while your leg stays relatively pain free. A sleek redesigned smooth finish, quick release pull tab, and clean look with white accents round out their baseball leg guard. As does its soft flexibility being able transform itself into hard protection within minutes. While this specific guard includes 8 inch width and 11 inch length from the bottom of the ankle to the top of the shin, these are not what all guards released by other companies are limited to.

Batters Shin Guard Protection

If you've ever had to endure through the pain of fouling a ball off your leg, then you want to have batters shin guard protection when you step up to the plate.  So what are you waiting for? You deserve the protection that a batters shin guard offers. And once you suit up with one, you'll realize you can never go back. So add one of the baseball leg guard models to your cart today!