Youth under armour catchers gear

Youth under armour catchers gear

With youth under armour catchers gear, your little athlete won't be any safer behind the plate. Under armour didn't get it's name on accident, they provide some of the best protective sports wear throughout the globe. They've really outdone themselves this time, nothing is more important than our health. Especially at a young age where our bodies are still developing and learning, youth under armour catchers gear is more than capable. Under armour has been thriving in the sports industry, coming out with new innovative technology every day.

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Youth under armour catchers gear covers all the basics, getting you ready to take on the first pitch. Just to refresh, catchers need three essential pieces to finalize their position duties. A catcher locates himself in the highest trafficking area on the entire field, so protection is very important. But you can't be over protective, that'll hinder your ability to perform. That's where youth under armour catchers gear makes it's mark, it's sleek design is comfortable and safe. Easily adjust to each component, by the time you're done warming up it'll feel like an extension of your own body. Furthermore, the first major component would be an under armour catchers helmet. The slickest piece of the ensemble, it has a face cage and an ABS certified exterior. The face cage comes from heavy duty steel and forms a protective grid around your face. But designed specifically to work around your eyes so it doesn't compromise your vision. The ABS plastic is standard for most protective sports gear, it does a remarkable job of deflecting impacts. Next up, and made from the same ABS material are the leg guards. Their upgraded knee design provides further protection up above the knee. And of course it's fully equipped with padding, making it easy on the joints on a tough block. And next we have the chest protectors, covering the entire torso with a multi-layered foam. Those are the three essential piece that you'll need this season, to become a bona fide catcher for your team.

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